Gas Market Reform Package

The Energy Council committed to a comprehensive Gas Market Reform Package in August 2016, to drive the achievement of its Australian Gas Market Vision for a liquid wholesale gas market where an efficient reference price provides signals for investment and new gas supply.

The reform package comprises four priority areas and 15 reform measures. The four priority areas are gas supply, market operation, gas transportation and market transparency.

The Energy Council has also committed to make implementing this package a major priority and has agreed to create a dedicated Gas Market Reform Group.

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Gas Supply Strategy

The COAG Energy Council's objective is to maximise the benefit to the Australian community from the responsible development of gas resources.

In keeping with the Council's Gas Market Vision, the Council has agreed that its resources should be better utilised to meet community expectations in delivering this objective.

The Gas Supply Strategy is the Council's commitment to improving collaborative efforts between jurisdictions on scientific and regulatory issues associated with onshore gas.

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National Harmonised Regulatory Framework for Natural Gas from Coal Seams

On 31 May 2013, the former Standing Council on Energy and Resources endorsed a National Harmonised Regulatory Framework for Natural Gas from Coal Seams (the Framework).The Framework delivers on a commitment by Australian governments to put in place a suite of leading practice principles, providing guidance to regulators in the management of natural gas from coal seams and ensuring regulatory regimes are robust, consistent and transparent across all Australian jurisdictions. It focuses on four key areas of operations which cover the lifecycle of development:

  • well integrity;
  • water management and monitoring;
  • hydraulic fracturing; and
  • chemical use.

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