Intergovernmental Agreement on Energy Supply Industry Safety

Publication date: Wednesday, 04th January 2012.

On 4 January 2012, the Commonwealth, States and Territories entered into the Intergovernmental Agreement on Energy Supply Industry Safety.

The objectives of the Agreement are to put in place a nationally harmonised safety framework for the energy supply industry which ensures public and industry safety and contributes to the efficient delivery of energy network services by:

  1. facilitating greater labour mobility within and between States and Territories and transmission and distribution networks, in particular, to make possible improved emergency responses;
  2. lowering compliance burdens, particularly with regard to multi-jurisdictional energy supply industry owners and/or operators; and
  3. facilitating increased safety framework consistency across jurisdictions.

To progress this initiative, the Energy Supply Industry Safety Committee (ESISC) was been formed under the Agreement to guide the harmonisation of energy technical and safety regulations. A copy of the ESISC Terms of Reference is provided below as well as other background information.