2nd COAG Energy Council Meeting Communique

The second meeting of the COAG Energy Council was held in Adelaide on 11 December 2014. Its focus was on the major challenges facing energy markets and resource development.

Under a new format designed to improve the strategic focus of the Council, Ministers heard from stakeholders and key experts on the challenges and opportunities facing the nation's resources and energy sectors.

The discussion considered emerging challenges under six themes:

COAG Energy Council Australian Gas Market Vision (December 2014)

The COAG Energy Council's vision for Australia's future gas market recognises the significant transformation occurring in our markets and the need for governments to guide gas market development and provide certainty for all stakeholders.

4th COAG Energy Council Meeting Communique

Energy and Resources Ministers met in Canberra on 4 December 2015 for the fourth COAG Energy Council meeting.

The meeting progressed key initiatives to improve the adaptability and resilience of Australian energy markets to respond to environmental and technological change.

Ministers agreed to a national, cooperative effort to better integrate energy and climate policy, with a clear focus on ensuring that consumers and industry have access to low-cost, reliable energy as Australia moves towards a lower-emissions economy.

3rd COAG Energy Council Meeting Communique

The third meeting of the COAG Energy Council was held in Perth on 23 July 2015.

The Council affirmed its aim to reduce costs of energy for households and businesses, maintain Australia's competitiveness, grow our economy, reduce carbon emissions, improve our sustainability and protect consumers.


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