National Energy Guarantee

In October 2017 the Energy Security Board provided the COAG Energy Council with advice on changes to the National Electricity Market and legislative framework.

Binding Rate of Return Guideline

On 14 July 2017, the COAG Energy Council agreed to implement a binding guideline for the rate of return components of the Australian Energy Regulator’s regulatory determinations for electricity and gas and the Western Australian Economic Regulation Authority’s regulatory determinations for gas network businesses

Consumer participation in revenue determinations and associated regulatory processes – Consultation Paper on Consumer Resourcing

In July 2017, the COAG Energy Council agreed to consult on options to improve resourcing available to consumer groups to support more effective engagement in the Australian Energy Regulator’s revenue determinations and access arrangement decisions under the national electricity and gas laws and rules.

Energy Security Board - Ministerial Power to make Rules

Introducing a Ministerial Power to make rules recommended by the Energy Security Board and approved by the COAG Energy Council.

13th Energy Council Ministerial Meeting (via TelePresence)

Energy Ministers today agreed their advice to the Council of Australian Governments on the implementation for the 49 of 50 recommendations agreed by the Energy Council at its meeting of 14 July 2017. The report forms the first annual report to COAG Leaders, due by the end of August, on the Energy Council's priorities.

For more information on the meeting, please click on the Media Release below.

Establishment of the Energy Security Board Media Release

A new Energy Security Board (ESB) to be chaired by Dr Kerry Schott has been established by the COAG Energy Council to coordinate the implementation of the reform blueprint produced by Australia's Chief Scientist.

Energy Market Transformation Bulletin No 05 – Work Program Update


The energy sector is undergoing a major transition, driven by changing technologies, increasing consumer engagement, new energy products and services. A key challenge of the transition is that existing regulatory frameworks were designed around a centralized system of electricity generation and distribution, and we are seeing a shift to a more decentralized one.

12th Energy Council Meeting Communique (includes 11th Meeting Communique)

The 12th COAG Energy Council meeting was held on 14 July 2017 in Brisbane.

Energy Market Governance Reforms Bulletin No. 1 - AEMC Establishment (Governance) Amendment Bill 2017


In December 2014, the Energy Council initiated a Review of Governance Arrangements for the Australian Energy Markets (the Review) to consider the structure, scope and mandate of the three energy market bodies and the role, operation and responsibilities of the Energy Council.

Energy Market Transformation Bulletin No 04 – National Battery Storage Register Consultation


At the 14 December 2016 COAG Energy Council meeting, Ministers agreed in principle to develop a national energy storage register subject to a cost-benefit analysis. The purpose of such a register would be to enhance power system and network security, and protect the safety of consumers, line workers and installers. This decision to undertake a cost-benefit analysis came after a consultation process that began in August 2016.


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