Facilitating Access to Consumer Energy Data - Consultation Paper

Publication date: Thursday, 01st March 2018.

In 2016, electricity consumers, or their authorised representative, were given a right to access metering data from distributors or retailers. This was intended to empower consumers to make decisions about electricity use, investments in solar PV and other energy savings technologies, and choices of competitive retailer with a clear understanding of historic consumption patterns. At that time, it was believed that consumers would most likely receive the benefits from accessing their data through third parties, who would offer advice tailored to the specific circumstances of the consumer, given their consumption profile.

Much of the focus since 2016 has been on ensuring that customers have access to consumption data, principally via portals provided by retailers. In contrast, there has been little attention to the processes and systems needed to facilitate access by authorised third parties wishing to provide value added services to consumers.

The COAG Energy Council has engaged HoustonKemp Economists to examine and make recommendations for streamlining the process, and for facilitating timely access to consumers consumption data by authorised third party service providers.

This consultation paper has been developed and informed by public and targeted stakeholder consultations that were held in Melbourne in November and December 2017.


Submissions on the consultation paper, attached below, are due by 26 March 2018 to energycouncil@environment.gov.au.

Related consultation: Treasury Open Banking Report

The Treasury is working on developing a national consumer data right across many sectors. Processes to facilitate access to consumer data in the energy sector will therefore need to take account of and align with the principles of this broader initiative. The Treasury is seeking views on the proposed regulatory framework contained in the Open Banking Report from members of the energy sector, particularly given that there has been a right to data since 2016 in this sector.

You can access further information and make a submission here

Please note that the Treasury Open Banking Review final report is only open for comment until 23 March.

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