COAG Energy Council Gas Supply Strategy (December 2015)

Publication date: Friday, 04th December 2015.

The COAG Energy Council's objective is to maximise the benefit to the Australian community from the responsible development of gas resources.

In keeping with the Council's Gas Market Vision released in December 2014, the Council has agreed that its resources should be better utilised to meet community expectations in delivering this objective.

The Gas Supply Strategy is the Council's commitment to improving collaborative efforts between jurisdictions on scientific and regulatory issues associated with onshore gas.

On 19 August 2016, the Council released its Gas Supply Strategy Implementation Plan for Collaborative Actions. The implementation plan was informed by a stakeholder consultation process and provides detail on how jurisdictions will work together over the next 18 months. The Gas Supply Strategy Implementation Plan for Collaborative Actions complements the Council’s Gas Market Reform Package also released on 19 August 2016 to address recommendations contained in the ACCC’s Inquiry into the East Coast Gas Market and the AEMC’s Eastern Australian Wholesale Gas Market and Pipelines Framework Review: Stage 2 final report.

Individual jurisdictions will determine their level of participation in this gas market development and how they will use the outcomes of this strategy. However, Council members will continue to share information and experiences, regardless of individual Government policy positions.

On 14 December 2016, Council acknowledged early progress in implementing the Gas Supply Strategy and agreed to release the first implementation progress report.  The first report shows activity during the period 19 August 2016 to 31 October 2016.

On 14 July 2017, Council acknowledged further progress in implementing the Council’s Gas Supply Strategy during the period 1 November 2016 to 31 May 2017, noting each jurisdiction’s unique circumstances. Ministers agreed that the Working Groups would consult on new collaborative actions to be considered at Council’s next meeting.

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