Consultation on Retailer Reliability Obligation Detailed Design Issues

Publication date: Wednesday, 05th December 2018.

Following the COAG Energy Council meeting on 26 October 2018, Ministers agreed that the Energy Security Board (ESB) would progress development of draft National Electricity Law amendments to give effect to a Retailer Reliability Obligation (the Obligation). The ESB will provide the COAG Energy Council with a final draft Bill for decision in December 2018.

The ESB is seeking feedback on detailed policy issues relating to the Obligation. These include the framework for determining the firmness of contracts used by liable entities to meet their contracting requirements under the Obligation, the materiality of the reliability gap, and the compliance and cost-recovery regime.

The ESB has also undertaken consultation on the introduction of a market liquidity obligation as part of the Obligation. Feedback will inform development of the content of the detailed Rules which will implement the majority of the technical detail of the Obligation.

The ESB invites comments from interested stakeholders by 21 December 2018.

Submission close date

21 December 2018

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[Company name] Response to Firmness Principles for Qualifying Contracts Consultation Paper


Response to Material Reliability Gap Definition and Communication Consultation Paper


Response to Compliance / Procurer of Last Resort Cost Recovery Consultation Paper


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Submissions will be published on the COAG Energy Council’s website, following a review for claims of confidentiality.


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