Consumer participation in revenue determinations and associated regulatory processes – Consultation Paper on Consumer Resourcing

Publication date: Friday, 06th October 2017.


In July 2017, the COAG Energy Council agreed to consult on options to improve resourcing available to consumer groups to support more effective engagement in the Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) revenue determinations and access arrangement decisions under the national electricity and gas laws and rules.

The paper sought feedback on key issues associated with resourcing for consumer participation, including:

  • The effectiveness of current resourcing arrangements for supporting consumer participation;
  • The adequacy of current resourcing levels for facilitating effective consumer participation;
  • The quality of consumer participation processes and how they can be improved to maximise the outcomes achieved with existing resources; and
  • Building the capacity of consumer representatives to participate in complex, technical revenue determination and access arrangement decision-making processes.


Submissions closed on Friday 3 November 2017.

All stakeholder submissions received in response to this consultation process are available below.


File nameSize
File Consultation Paper Consumer Resourcing.docx420.27 KB
PDF icon AER response to Consumer resourcing consulation.pdf339.78 KB
PDF icon Agriculture Industry Energy Taskforce response to consultation.pdf571.1 KB
PDF icon Australian Gas Infrastructure Group response to consumer resourcing consultation.pdf157.73 KB
PDF icon Business SA Chamber of Commerce response to consumer resourcing Consultation.pdf401.83 KB
PDF icon Consumer Action Law Centre response to consumer resourcing consultation.pdf273.12 KB
PDF icon Consumer Challange Panel response to consumer resourcing consulation.pdf566.98 KB
PDF icon Energy Consumers Australia response to consumer resources consulation.pdf929.83 KB
PDF icon Energy Consumers Australia. - Attachment 1.pdf3.73 MB
PDF icon Energy Networks Australia response to consumer resourcing consulation.pdf268.47 KB
PDF icon Energy Networks Australia response to consumer resourcing consulationa ATT 1.pdf98.94 KB
PDF icon Energy Users Association of Australia response to consumer resourcing consulation.pdf522.62 KB
PDF icon ERM Business Energy response to consumer resourcing consultation.pdf251.11 KB
PDF icon Ethnic Communities Council Victoria Submission Letter to COAG Energy Council November 2017.pdf447.04 KB
PDF icon Ethnic Communities Council Victoria ATT 1 response to consumer resourcing.pdf955.06 KB
PDF icon Ethnic Communities Council Victoria ATT 2 response to consumer resouring consulation .pdf382.75 KB
PDF icon Ethnic Communities Council Victoria C ATT 3 response to consumer resourcing.pdf475.6 KB
PDF icon Jemena response to consumer resourcing consultation.pdf92.56 KB
PDF icon Major Energy Users response to consumer resourcing consultatin .pdf110.75 KB
PDF icon NSW Farmers Assocation response to consumer resourcing consultation.pdf169.29 KB
PDF icon PIAC response to consumer resourcing consulation.pdf330.76 KB
PDF icon Queensland Electricity Users Network response to Consumer Resourcing .pdf361.89 KB
PDF icon Queensland Farmers Federation response to consumer resourcing consultation.pdf567.98 KB


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