Energy Security Board – National Energy Guarantee: Consultation Regulation Impact Statement

Publication date: Friday, 29th June 2018.

The Energy Security Board has released the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for the National Energy Guarantee (the Guarantee) and is seeking feedback from stakeholders.

COAG RIS Process

COAG's RIS process involves a Consultation RIS and a Decision RIS. The Consultation RIS canvasses regulatory options and their costs and benefits, and seeks stakeholder feedback. The Decision RIS recommends a preferred approach, taking into account stakeholder feedback, and assists Ministers with their decision. Each RIS is assessed by the Office of Best Practice Regulation (Commonwealth) for compliance with the COAG RIS guidelines.

RIS Public Consultation

The Energy Security Board invites submissions on the Guarantee’s Consultation RIS. Submissions close Friday 20 July 2018 and late submissions will not be accepted.

Please note the consultation occurring in parallel to this RIS and the various submission closing dates:

Should you have any questions, please contact the Secretariat at

Consultation RIS Submissions

All reviewed submissions will be published on the COAG Energy Council’s website, subject to any claims of confidentiality.

All submissions should be sent to

Submission close date

20 July 2018

Lodgement details

Email to:

Naming of submission document

[Company name]

Form of submission

Clearly indicate any confidentiality claims by noting “Confidential” in document name and in the body of the email

Late submissions

Late submissions will not be accepted.


All submissions will be published on the COAG Energy Council’s website, following a review for claims of confidentiality.

Next steps

Stakeholder submissions will help inform the Guarantee's Decision RIS. The Decision RIS will be provided to COAG Energy Council Ministers before they consider the Guarantee’s detailed design at the COAG Energy Council meeting on 10 August 2018.

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